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1. Create a Windows application that will get the basic information of a student and display it on list boxes. Name the project as StudentinfoApplication and the form as frmStudentinfo. 2. The application should include the following controls and their purpose. See Figures 1 and 2 for the example layout of controls and example output. three (3) textboxes - The information of the student should be input in these textboxes. one (1) button - This should be used for adding information on the list boxes. three (3) list boxes - These will display all the submitted student information. 3. The application should meet the following specifications: Create a class named StudentInfo that will hold the student's information. .

A Caesar Company has a capital investment of $67,000 and returns $12,000 per year for 5 years. At a 15% MARR, is this a good investment?

Which of the costs being discussed by Mr. Powell are fixed costs and which are variable

Clue: In analyzing this issue, Mr Powell is making the assumption that output of the cane harvesting industry is measured in tones of harvested cane rather than hectares of the cane harvested. It will be easier to determine which costs are fixed and which are variable by treating hectares of harvested cane as the output. Do you think harvesting contractors are paid by tonne or the hectare? 

Why these near empty restaurants and off season miniature golf course remain open with so much low attendance?

According to NSC statistics,the life expectancy of Filipino women is 70.1 years. Suppose a random sample of 30 women in town B yields a mean of 72.5 years with a population variance of 4.76 years, would you say that the life expextancy of the women in town B is greater than the average?Formulate the null and alternative hypothesis and in symbol.

Seven hundred tickets will be sold and these will be raffled during the fiesta of Brgy. Masiete. One of these tickets will win ₱10,000 and the rest will win nothing. What will be the expected value and variance of your gain if you will buy one of the tickets?

Midterm Exam

Do the following by using Recursion:

1. Create a code that can print any numbers depending on the inputted value of the user in ascending then reverse it in descending order.

Sample output:

Enter number: 5










2. Write a code that will identify if the inputted value is odd or even. If it is odd then get the sum of all the odd numbers prior to the inputted value, same goes if it is even then get the sum of all the even numbers.

Sample output:

Enter number: 9


The sum is: 25

3. Using the fibonacci sequence, create a code that will print the remainder using %5 of the sum of the 2 added value depending on the input term of the user.

Sample output:

Enter 1st term: 5

Enter 2nd term: 6

The sum is: 13

The remainder is: 3

A classroom teacher hypothesizes that using lecture method in teaching specific lesson is the same as teaching it using demonstration method in terms of students learning. This means that students who were taught using the lecture method would perform similary(say on test)than those were taught using demonstration method. Formulate the null and alternative hypothesis in sentence and in symbol.

If you are a police chief in 1994, you might expect a civil disturbance on a day when _____.

Justify the rationale of having two different individuals for the positions of the

chairman and chief executive officer in a company. 

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