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Make three recommendations how the evacuation plan will make provision for people with special needs

If 32 counters are four fifths of a set, how many counters are in a full set

2.1 Language teaching refers to the integration of all the language skills in one lesson because

these skills are interdependent. They do not exist in isolation from one another.

Demonstrate how you would integrate all four skills without compromising any one of them in

teaching one language aspect of your choice. Illustrate your answer with examples.

1.1 According to the changing roles of teachers learners have to take responsibility of their

own learning and be independent. The teacher has become the mediator of learning.

1.1.1 Appraise the communicative language approach by briefly explaining five of its essential



1.1.2 Explain how you would use group work and cooperative learning to introduce two different

language activities as teaching methods that would promote communication, interaction

and learner centeredness in your language classroom

Identify three poetic techniques which serve to highlight the emotions experienced by the children in a crowded taxi during the COVID pandemic

You are a member of the school governing body. The sgb chairperson delegated you to draft the school policy. How will align the school policy with the national and provincial education legislation as mandatory requirements for a standardized school policy

The passive sentence of Philo Farnsworth submitted the patent application for the image dissector

How can the concept of ubuntu be used to accommodate and teach multicultural disadvantaged learners in your classroom Provide Examples.

Present a theorical explanation for pyromania as motitive for arson

Why should teachers understand teaching and learning theories?