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If we make cigarettes much more expensive (say, by imposing a high tax on them), will overall (among everybody in population, young and old) smoking rates in the country change a lot

The disc shown in the figure is supported by two

circular tubes of same cross section and different

lengths which both are connected to the disk at one

end and fixed to a wall at the other end. The internal

and external diameters of the tubes are8cmiD =

and10cmoD = , respectively. Calculate the angle

by which the disk rotates when subjected to a

torque of3kN.mT = . The tubes are made of steel

with Young’s modulus of200GPaE = and

Poisson’s ratio of0.3

60 cm and 40 cm

A four-cylinder petrol engine has a swept volume of 2000 cm3, and the clearance volume

in each cylinder is 60 cm3. Calculate the air-standard thermal efficiency. lf the induction

conditions are 1 bar and 24oC, and the maximum cycle temperature is 1400oC, calculate

the mean effective pressure based on the otto air-standard cycle.

You are the owner of a retail chain. You currently have consumer durables, groceries and private label clothing range for kids, men, and women. The price point is low and the quality you offer is fantastic. You have more than eighty percent repeat customers.In most of the customer surveys that you have conducted with market research agencies have pointed this unique feature of your store. You have successfully operated your business in Delhi. You have about 15 stores operating across the state. During the last five years, you have spread your offerings to the other northern states, and you have seen a wonderful response. You are pretty encouraged. After operating the stores for couple of years, the brand is not growing at the pace at which it should have. You are not able to figure out why. A consultant suggested to promote the brand in a big way. How will you do this? 

using the aggregate supply aggregate demand model explain how output and prices are determined. will output vary or stay fixed in the long run? suppose the aggregate demand curve were to remain fixed. what can we infer about the behavior of prices over time?

Discuss the aspects of the competitive environment of the insurance industry that might encourage this type of practice.

what is the efficiency of a diesel engine that receive 214.1 J of energy from combustion and lose 185.3 J by heat to exhaust during one cycle?

Using the number 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 as the element of the population, construct the sampling distribution of the sample means with a sample size of 2. Find the population and sample mean, population and sample variance, and population and sample standard deviation.

The winner of lotto prize is given the choice of a one time payment of $1,000,000 or a guaranted $80,000 per year for 20 years. If the value of money is 5%, which option should the winner choose?

Midterm Exam:

-In a one whole short bondpaper,make a proposal project that addresses more than 2 global problems like environmental issues, food security, economic crisis, or any sustainable problems. Much better if there's a picture or drawing. 

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