Programming does not always happen smoothly, sometimes a lot of patience, devotion and perseverance are required to solve programming problems and stumbling blocks on your way of creating a new programming solution.While developing an application you might come across a number of programming questions the answers to which are not easy to be found. To spare yourself the trouble, submit your programming questions here and you will get programming answers within the shortest time period.

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1. Create a Windows application that will get the basic information of a student and display it on list boxes. Name the project as StudentinfoApplication and the form as frmStudentinfo. 2. The application should include the following controls and their purpose. See Figures 1 and 2 for the example layout of controls and example output. three (3) textboxes - The information of the student should be input in these textboxes. one (1) button - This should be used for adding information on the list boxes. three (3) list boxes - These will display all the submitted student information. 3. The application should meet the following specifications: Create a class named StudentInfo that will hold the student's information. .

Midterm Exam

Do the following by using Recursion:

1. Create a code that can print any numbers depending on the inputted value of the user in ascending then reverse it in descending order.

Sample output:

Enter number: 5










2. Write a code that will identify if the inputted value is odd or even. If it is odd then get the sum of all the odd numbers prior to the inputted value, same goes if it is even then get the sum of all the even numbers.

Sample output:

Enter number: 9


The sum is: 25

3. Using the fibonacci sequence, create a code that will print the remainder using %5 of the sum of the 2 added value depending on the input term of the user.

Sample output:

Enter 1st term: 5

Enter 2nd term: 6

The sum is: 13

The remainder is: 3

Create a program that executes N-PRIO Disk scheduling algorithm

a) Write a program to request for customer’s name, and previous and

current meter reading (in kwh). Your program should categorize

customers into domestic, commercial, and industrial based on the quantity of electricity consumed. The categorization should follow:

1. Domestic when less than or equal to 100KWh is consumed

2. Commercial: when more than 100Kwh but less than or equal to

200 Kwh is used

3. Industrial: when more than 200 Kwh is used

b) Define a method called Calculator to compute the amount to be

paid based on the following consumption pattern:

1. Domestic customers, 0.3 GHC per kWh for the first 60kwh and

0.5 GHC for the rest

2. Industrial customers, 0.5 GHC per kWh for the first 120kwh

and 0.75 GHC for the rest

3. Commercial customers, 0.9 GHC for the first 201 KWh and 1.5

GHC for the rest.

Amjad reached Emporium with his family. They are all excited since he successfully passed his test for BSCS admission and now, they are here to celebrate. All the family members are interested in watching the movie while having popcorn. You must ask Amjad the number of people with him. Emporium Cinema is offering different type of tickets for the film: [Student (S) 250, Normal (N) 400, and Executive (E) 750]. Any choice other than mentioned is considered as invalid input. Ask them what ticket choice will they prefer. Before the start of the film, all the family members decide to have popcorn also. Popcorn stall is offering three different flavors. [Simple (S) 100, Tacos (T) 150, and Caramel (C) 200]. Any choice other than mentioned is considered as invalid input. Ask them what popcorn choice will they prefer.

Calculate and print the amount used for the film and popcorn separately and the total expense at the end. Your solution should show proper menu-based system.

Write a C++ program that reads in the radius of a Sphere, then calculates and prints its volume and surface area. 

Write a C++ program that inputs three integers from the user and prints the smallest and largest of these numbers.

Create a java class Person that stores the name and address of a university. From this class derive two classes: Student, which adds the student grade point average (gpa); and Professor, which adds the number of professor publications (publs). Each of these three classes should has a constructor and print() method to display its data; override the superclass methods in each subclass. Write a java application program that creates an array of persons, enter the data for all student and professors, and then display their data.

Bookmark marker this two cases not executed please help

When HTML input elements with ids siteNameInput and siteUrlInput are filled with valid values, the HTML button element with id submitBtn is clicked a new bookmark should be added to HTML unordered list element with id bookmarksList

When a new bookmark is added to the HTML unordered list element with id bookmarksList, the HTML anchor element in the bookmark item should have href attribute value as the bookmarked site

• Two threads –

• Both threads will sleep for 1 second before reading from the global array of strings

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