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An experiment consists of observing the motion of a vehicle on an inclined plane under under different tractive resistance conditions. The vehicle of mass 2Mg is released from rest at point A, in neutral on a slope of 1 in 30 and reaches the lowest point B after traveling 300 m down the incline. After reaching point B, the vehicle moves on a horizontal road surface, still in neutral with the same tractive resistance to motion. Analyse the motion of the vehicle in the following cases:

A battery delivers 10 joules of energy to move 5 coulumbs of charge. What is the electromotive force between the terminals of the battery?

Give your own analyses on the circumstances or conditions hydraulic accumulators and bottle jacks are used

explain the uses of the following gear drives: worm gears and spur gears

I want the answers of whole mechanical engineering subjects

An overhanging beam ABC is loaded as shown in Figure-2. Find the slopes over each support and at the right end. Find also the maximum upward deflection between the supports and the deflection at the right end. Take E = 2 × 105 N/mm2 and I = 5 × 108 mm4.

A generating station consists of two 100 MVA generators with 6%

reactance each and one 150 MVA generator with 8% reactance as shown

in Figure below. These generators are connected to a common bus bar

from which loads are taken through a number of 50 MVA, step up

transformers each having 5% reactance. Compute the rating of circuit

breaker on (i) low voltage side and (ii) on high voltage side.

A steel bar of 50mm and 1m long is subjected to an axial force of 250 kN.Determine the decrease in lateral dimentions due to this load given E= 200 Gpa and v = 0.3

A rolled steel Joist of I-Section has flange length of 300 mm. wide and 20 mm thick with a web thickness of 20 mm. and overall depth of I-Section is 600 mm. If this beam carries a UDL of 40 KN/m over the simply supported beam of span 10 m, find the maximum stress produced in the beam.                                                                          

¨For simplicity, take n = 2.0 and use the value of f for complete turbulence, as given by Eq. (8.54).

¨All pipes are cast iron, and are at the same elevation. For initial flows, assume only values of 30,15, and 0 L/s (the zeros in dg and fh).

¨If the pressure head at a is 40 m, find the pressure head at d (which might represent a fire demand, for example) neglecting velocity heads.

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