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  1. Calculate the definite integral

123ta+2ebt+1t+2ct dt

A simply supported beam of 12 m length carries two point loads 58 kN and 54 kN

at 3 m and 8 m respectively from the left hand end. Find the deflection under each

load and the maximum deflection. Take I=190X10

6mm4 and E=200 GPa.

What is Apply Image in Manufacturing Fabrication Process?

An ideal double-reheat steam turbine receives 300,000 kg/h of steam at 10 MPa and 400°C. After expansion from high pressure turbine shell, it is reheated twice from saturated vapor condition back to its initial temperature. The steam entering the condenser is 97% dry. Determine (a) engine work, (b) engine thermal efficiency, and (c) steam rate. (d) Considering a generator output of 100 MW with 97% generator efficiency, what are the combined heat rate, (e)brake work, (f) brake thermal efficiency, and (g)pump power


An experiment consists of observing the motion of a vehicle on an inclined plane under under different tractive resistance conditions. The vehicle of mass 2Mg is released from rest at point A, in neutral on a slope of 1 in 30 and reaches the lowest point B after traveling 300 m down the incline. After reaching point B, the vehicle moves on a horizontal road surface, still in neutral with the same tractive resistance to motion. Analyse the motion of the vehicle in the following cases:

Give your own analyses on the circumstances or conditions hydraulic accumulators and bottle jacks are used

explain the uses of the following gear drives: worm gears and spur gears

I want the answers of whole mechanical engineering subjects

An overhanging beam ABC is loaded as shown in Figure-2. Find the slopes over each support and at the right end. Find also the maximum upward deflection between the supports and the deflection at the right end. Take E = 2 × 105 N/mm2 and I = 5 × 108 mm4.

A steel bar of 50mm and 1m long is subjected to an axial force of 250 kN.Determine the decrease in lateral dimentions due to this load given E= 200 Gpa and v = 0.3

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