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Define fatigue and specify the conditions under which it occurs.

Animal Inheritance

Implement the following class hierarchy, the inheritance access level should be public for all the descendent classes.




1. Add a protected data member named id of integer type to Animal class.


2. Add get/set methods for id data member in Animal class with public access.

3. Add a default constructor to each of the above created class. The constructor should initialize the id data member of Animal, Reptile, Bird and Mammal,to 0, 1, 2 and 3 respectively also it display a message “(class Name)’s default constructor”.


4. Add a parameterized constructor to each of the above created class. The constructor should initialize the id data member of Animal, Reptile, Bird and Mammal, to the specified id passed to the constructor as an argument ,also it display a message “(class Name)’s default constructor”. The parameterized constructor should call its base class parameterized constructor to initialize any data member inherited from the base class.


A block centered grid type is selected for a 1-D reservoir. Flow is in X

direction. Rock and fluid are assumed as incompressible. The total length

of the reservoir is 500 ft. Following information is known:

Ay=100 ft

AZ=10 ft

4=2 cp

B=1 (stb/bbl) S=2 IN= 0.5 Nt

AX= 20 ft

Ax2=50 ft

Ax,= 100 ft Ax,= 150 ft Axs= 180 At

Kx1=50 md Kx2=60 md Kx=40 md Kx-50 md Kx5=30 md

Ky= 70 md for all blocks block# 3: injection well block# 4: production well

Input a positive integer.

Using while() loop, repeatedly print out the message "CodeChum is awesome" for the same number of times as that of the inputted integer. Each outputted message must be separated in new lines.

Don't forget to make an increment/decrement variable that will increase/decrease its value per iteration so as to not encounter a forever loop and have errors, okay?

The falling-rate portion of the drying time for a particle of skim milk begins at a critical moisture content of 25%, and the final moisture content is 4%. The air used for drying is 120 °C was heated from ambient air of 20 °C and 40% RH. The particle size at the critical moisture content is 20 micron, and the specific heat of the product solids is 2.0 kJ/kg °C. The mass diffusivity for water vapor within the product is 3.7´10-12 m2/s, and the density of the product particle is 1150 kg/m3.

a.   If the equilibrium moisture content for the product is 3.5%, estimate the time for the falling-rate portion of the drying

b.   If 5000 m3/min of heated air are needed for product drying, determine the thermal energy needed to heat the air to 120 °C.


7, The lengths of crank and connecting rod of a horizontal

reciprocating engine are 100 mm and 500 mm respectively. The

crank is rotating at 400 rpm. When the crank has turned 300 from

inner dead center, find analytically, (i) the velocity and


of the slider, (ii) the angular velocity, and angular acceleration of

theconnecting rod.

A field is in the form of a regular pentagon. The direction of the bounding sides was surveyed with the assumed meridian 6° to the right of the true north and south meridian., the bearing of one side AB is N 40°57’ W. Compute the bearing of CD

a piston-cylinder device 0.5 kg of carbon dioxide is compressed from 0.3 to 0.1 m3

. During

the process, the pressure and volume is related by P = aV-2

, where a = 8 kPa.m6

. Calculate work

transfer, change in internal energy and heat transfer during the process. (Take isobaric heat

capacity, cp = 0.847 kJ/kgK).

Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the specified line. Sketch the region, the solid, and a typical disk or washer.

The height above the ground of a child on a swing varies from 50 cm at the lowest point to 200 cm at the highest point

a. Draw the simple, clear and neat figure using drawing instruments.

b. Establish the equation of the energy conservation of the system.

c. Determine the maximum velocity of the child in cm/s?

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