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Software development is a creative process not a manufacturing process. Discuss the characteristics of manufacturing that apply to software development and explain which characteristics of software development are more like a creative endeavor.

How does the Spiral Model address the need of accurately determining the software requirements? Justify

How does the Spiral Model handle the need for risk management? Justify

for the function v = 12 sin 40, calcualte the

You must provide a fully referenced, detailed log of researched evidence that you have extracted from component manufacturers’ catalogues, materials and design databases in relation to the development of your design work. 


Your work must include the information that you have used. 

1Which statement is NOT true regarding the sketch in SolidWorks?

a.Dimensional constraints and geometric constraints are common constraints in sketch.

b.The sketch is red if there is contradiction between constraints.

c.Both curved and planar surface can be a sketch plane for 2D entitles.

d.Base sketch is the first sketch used to form the base feature.

2Which feature must start with a 2D sketch?




d.Linear Pattern

3What is the number of instances to create 5 new copies of feature via Circular Pattern?

Four bar chain is given with length of links as follow:

Link 1 = 74mm, link 2 = 96 mm, link 3 = 60 mm, Link 4 = 70. Determine:

a) Whether it belong to class 1 or class 2 category of mechanisms.

b) Describe all possible inversions with explanations.

Write the parameters by which various AM techniques differ from one another.

State the advantages of using prototype. What is the importance of prototyping?

State the reasons for using the additive manufacturing technology.

  1. 7.23 × 1024 Al atoms = grams Al

Write short notes on the following:

a) Projection

b) affine transformations

c) Phong's Shading Model

d) Scan conversion of polygons

e) B-splines

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