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the sun has an orbital speed of about 220kms^-1 around the centre of the galaxy whose distance is 28 000 light years .estimate the total mass of the galaxy in solar masses

A taut string, fixed at both ends, is driven by an oscillator at a constant frequency of 175 Hz. The amplitude of each of the two interfering waves that produce the standing wave is A = 3 mm. In the observed standing wave pattern, the maximum transverse speed at an antinode is:

5: An object of mass m is projected with initial velocity v0 at an angle of θ degrees

to the horizontal. discuss the motion(position, velocity, acceleration) of the object

throughout the period of the flight. With appropriate choice of values for param￾eters (m, v0 and θ), plot the velocity and acceleration as functions of time on the

same graph. Discuss these graphs. Assume that the surrounding air offers no resistance

Two simple clutch disks of equal mass 6.3 kg are initially separate. They also have equal radii of R=0.55 m. One of the disks is accelerated to 5.7 rad/s in time Δt = 1.8 s. They are then brought in contact and both start to sping together. Calculate the angular velocity of the two disks together.

 In the final stages of a moon landing, a lunar module descends under retro-thrust of its descent engine to a height of 𝑠 = 4 m above the lunar surface where it has a downward velocity of 4 m/s. Calculate the impact velocity with the moon’s surface if: The acceleration under the combined effect of gravity and retro-thrust is the following function of height 𝑎 = 𝑠/2.

Determine the displacement vector that must be added to the displacement(25i - 16j) metre to give a displacement of 7.0 metres pointing in the x+ direction

Two round rods , one of steel , the other of brass, are joined end to end. Each rod is 0.5 m long and 2 cm in diameter. The combination is subjected to a tensile force of 5000 N. Find the strain in each rod.

    Young’s Modulus of Steel use 20 x 10^10 Pa,of brass use 10 x 10^10 Pa.

The number density of copper atoms is 8.49 10^28 atoms m^-3 if each atom contributes one free electron per conduction examine whether the electron gas is strongly degenerate at room temperature

A car with passengers has a mass M=2000 kg and travels with a speed of 65 miles/hour.

Suddenly, the driver the brakes to avoid a collision with another car traveling at 20 miles/hour at a distance D=30 meters away (98.4ft). Analyze the problem from the moment when the breaks are fully engaged and tires are not rotating.

Question: will there be collision between the two cars?

Talk about the friction and how would you determine if there will be collision.

you need to solve the problem as a function of the friction coefficient, then discuss your result based on the following coefficient’s values : {0.1, 0.8}. What should be the minimum safe distance between the two cars [assuming two values for the coefficient {0.1, 0.8}?

The solution needs to include the following:

1. All diagrams (if any).

2. Show detailed solution steps including all the calculations.

A ball mass of 0.2kg strikes on inclined surface and makes angle 60 degree and speed change from 30m/s to 20m/s what is the magnitude of impulse?

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