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M&M sweets are of varying colours and the different colours occur in different proportions. The table below gives the probability that a randomly chosen M&M has each colour, but the value for tan candies is missing.

Colour Brown Red Yellow Green Orange Tan

Probability 0.3 0.2 0.2 0.1 0.1 ?

(a) What value must the missing probability be?

(b) You draw an M&M at random from a packet. What is the probability of each of the followingevents?

i. You get a brown one or a red one.

ii. You don’t get a yellow one.

iii. You don’t get either an orange one or a tan one.

iv. You get one that is brown or red or yellow or green or orange or tan.


A bag contains fifteen balls distinguishable only by their colours; ten are blue and five are red. I reach into the bag with both hands and pull out two balls (one with each hand) and record their colours.

(a) What is the random phenomenon?

(b) What is the sample space?

(c) Express the event that the ball in my left hand is red as a subset of the sample space.


A fair coin is tossed, and a fair die is thrown. Write down sample spaces for

(a) the toss of the coin;

(b) the throw of the die;

(c) the combination of these experiments.

Let A be the event that a head is tossed, and B be the event that an odd number is thrown. Directly from the sample space, calculate P(A ∩ B) and P(A ∪ B).

1. QUESTION: Describe the sample space and all 16 events for a trial in which two coins are thrown and each shows either a head or a tail. 

according to a study conducted by the grade 12 student, php 175 is the average monthly expenses for cell phone loads of high school students in their province.aA statistics students claim that this amount has increased since January of this year .do you think his claim is acceptable if a random sample of 50 students has an average monthly expense of php164 for cellphone loads ? using 5% level of significance , assume that a population standard deviation is 53

A medical centre reports that the average cost of rehabilitation for stroke victims is 24672 BD. To see if the average cost of rehabilitation is different at a particular hospital, a researcher selects 35 victims at random and find the average cost is 26343 BD. Standard deviation is 3251 BD. At α=0.01, can it be concluded that the average cost of rehabilitation at a particular hospital is different form 24672 BD

4. Number of calls coming to customer care of mobile company per minute is a poisson random variable with mean 5. Find the probability that no calls are in certain minute.

A nutritionist wants to know the populatiin proportion of grade 11 students who eat vegetables. Pegged at a confidence of 95% survey among 1200 respondents was conducted and 200 said that they eat vegetables.

a.What is the margin of error?

b.Construct the confidence interval

c.Find the length of the confidence interval

A nutritionist wants to know the population proportion of grade 11 students who eat vegetables . Pegged at a confidence of 95% survey among 1200 respondents was conducted and 200 said that they eat vegetables. What is the margin of error???

The number of traffic violation recorded by police department for 10 day period is given. Calculate the first quartile, second quartile, third quartile and inter quartile range.

22 19 25 24 18 15 9 12 16 20

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