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Question #331558

Question 4


4.1. ​The conductivity of silver is 6.5 x 107per Ohm per m and number of conduction electrons per m3 is 6 x 1028. Find the mobility of conduction electrons and the drift velocity in an electric field of 1 V/m. Given m = 9.1 x 10–31 kg and e = 1.602 x 10–19 C.​​​​​​


4.2​ What is Lorentz number? The thermal and electrical conductivities of Cu at 200C are 390 Wm-1K-1 and 5.87 x107W-1m-1 respectively. Calculate Lorentz number.​​  


5.1​ The electron and hole mobilities in a Si sample are 0.135 and 0.48m2/V-s respectively. ​Determine the conductivities of intrinsic Si at 300 K if the intrinsic carrier concentration is 1.5 x 106 atom/m3. The sample is then doped with 1023 phosphorus atom/m3. Determine the equilibrium holeconcentration, conductivity, and position of the Fermi level relative to the intrinsic level.​

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