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Name two soft law instruments

What is the procedure for Registration of a firm?

What is meant by pledge?

Finder of Goods.

Caveat Emptor's principle.

Thabo ,a director of a company and his second wife Tracy are on a holiday in Thailand. Thabo has a daughter Felicity ,born of a previous marriage, who stays at home in south africa with her grandmother ,one afternoon Thabo goes swimming at the next bay over the hotel where he has left his wife sleeping. During this time a tsunami hits the shoreline .Tracy does not survive, her body is found and identified. Thabo is nowhere to be found. Thabo has a will in which he leaves his estate to his wife if she survives him ,his wife ,it is discovered was two months pregnant with twin boys at the time of his death. Tracy has a will that leaves her estate to her offspring if they survive her and if not to her surviving parents .

a) who will inherit Thabo and Tracy's estate

b)What procedure would interested parties follow to inherit from Thabo and Tracy .Discuss fully

Briefly discuss the rehabilitation and development services of prisoners, with specific reference to health, physical care, development and support services.


LLW2601 EXAM MAY/JUNE2022 PAGE 7 OF 8 Nevertheless, the Labour Court found that Mokhatšana had “failed to establish a prima facie case of unfair discrimination on the listed ground of race” and her claim was dismissed. Mokhatšana has now lodged an appeal with the Labour Appeal Court. With reference to the relevant legal authorities (applicable case law, legislation), advice Mokhatšana on her prospects of success.

Your answer must include the following:

➢ The legal basis for Mokhatšana’s claim.

➢ The requirements for proving “work that is the same or substantially the same”.

➢ An explanation of whether a claimant relying on a ground such as race is required to establish a prima facie case of unfair discrimination.

➢ Comment on Mokhatšana’s prospects of success with her claim.


In the course of this module you reflected on the ethos of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and uBuntu. In what ways can criminal justice system functionaries incorporate the principles of Ubuntu in their daily work? 

What is the impact of social media on the constitutional right to Freedom of expression (125 words) 5 marks