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two practical examples of enforcement actions against violation of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) 

5. Identify how the role of police crime fighter and police public servant come into conflict. How can this issue be resolved? Can a police officer be both?  

4. Identify four problems with the police subculture related to ethical behavior while serving the public. in your own opinion, which problem receives the most media attention? 

3. Provide the justification for police power and the basic ethical standards that derive from this justification. Can this be abused? If so, give an example. 

  • Explain the differences between seizures, stops, and arrests. Why do we distinguish between stops and arrests? 
  • What is the difference between detention and arrest?
  • What is required to be qualified as a seizure of a person; an arrest, or custody?

Where and how are financial records and reports kept?  Who is responsible for their storage?  Is there a length of time that records should (or are required to) be kept?

From where does the US copy their police practices?

Explain the ideals of Comes Stabuli?

Explain the Early American Experience?

On what constitutional amendments

are due process guarantees based? Can we ensure due process in our legal system without substantially

increasing the risk of criminal activity? Write a paragraph.

What are suspicionless searches? How does the need to ensure public safety justify certain suspicionless searches?

Examine 6 regulatory and supervisory role the Bank of Ghana plays in ensuring that there is sanity in the financial sector of Ghana.