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who won WW1

If you were a white Southern landowner, how would you react to the exodus of African Americans to the North?

What was the critical event that launched the Arab Spring protests?

3.  1989 was a pivotal year for pro-democracy social movements in both China and Eastern Europe. What were the differing outcomes of each set of movements?


4. What was the critical event that launched the Arab Spring protests?


5. Briefly describe the outcome of the Arab Spring movements in Egypt, Libya, and Syria.  

Please watch the first five minutes of Malcolm X's speech, "The Ballot or the Bullet," in which he talks about the relationship between his faith, the faith of others, and the social movements he considers himself a part of. What does he say about the faith differences between himself and others who are committed to the cause? What is the specific social movement he considers himself devoted to, and how (if at all) is that movement different from the civil rights movement?

In the late 60s and early 70s, religious conservatives in the United States participated in several different political movements which often served as counter-movements against the various civil rights movements of the previous decade? What were some of these political movements, and which movements did they seem to counter?

Critically discuss the impact of the enlightenment era on european ideas of race and images of Africa with reference to the philosophies of at least enlightenment thinkers

1.2 Distinguish between colonialism and apartheid, looking at how they have both

impacted on or influenced ECE

3.1 Read the article “The Building Blocks of High-Quality Early Childhood

Program”. (Access it from HED2601 E-Reserves or as attached under


Briefly discuss the effects of the school where key elements of quality

ECE practice are not recognised. Consider the following key elements in your


• Support for diverse learners

• Time

• Collaborative effort

• Teacher student ratio

• Teacher qualification and education

Provide reasons why you think a child-centred approach is desirable or not

desirable for the South African Foundation Phase classroom in 2022.

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