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what Is the reason for the difference between the duration of day and night in India and in other country

 Briefly Discuss The Main Possible Triggers Of Sinkhole Occurrence/Formation In Each Of The Gauteng Municipalities

parts of the southern portions of canada's interior plains are called "canada's bread basket" why?

Use the sapphire-Simpson and Beaufort scales to indicate the strength of tropical cyclone.

how has glaciation had a good and bad effect on canada’s soils

What created the igneous and metamorphic rock in the Appalachian mts

Discuss the stage of development of the tropical cyclone Florence

Discuss the path of the tropical cyclone florence under research

Geographers who use qualitative methodologies in their research will most probably make use of analytical techniques involving......

which of the following have questioned the Eurocentric baisness in the definations of the term "development"?

a. Chambers and Stohr

b. Neo Marxist scholars

c. Escobar

d. All of the below