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explain the responses of plants against history

Discuss the industrial applications of enzymes (25 marks)

Describe the following factors that affect enzyme action:

a)competitive inhibitors(10 marks)

b)non competitive inhibitors(10 marks)

c)pH(5 marks)

There are a number of techniques to facilitate competence in adversity. Discuss the different between risk focused techniques and resource focused techniques

the lamp was kept at the same distance from the C. caroliniana throughout the


the larger zone is inhibition is around a disk, the more effective that antibiotic is at killing Bactria. There are disks already soaked in antibiotics that can be purchased. These disks are labelled with a code to show the type of antibiotic each one contains. The following pictures show the results of a disk diffusion assay for different types of bacteria. For each Bactria, what antibiotic would you recommend be used on the patient? Explain your choice

Pregnanavy is established how

RFLP is a (an): 

(A) introns

(B) exons

(C) anticodon 

(D) codon

what does photosynthesis mean

Callisto has managed to escape Xena, and therefore Xena decides to rest for the night in a small but deep cave at a high altitude in the mountains. a) Describe the changes in Xena’s intrathoracic and intrapleural volume and pressure during quiet inspiration. Explain how these changes occur and describe their effect upon airflow.

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