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Mark has blue skin who married Jenny who has pink skin. Mark and Jenny want  to know what are the chances that their kids would have blue skin. Mark is  homozygous dominant and Jenny is homozygous recessive. Determine the  chances their children will have blue skin

In foxes, a pair of alleles, Q and q, interact as follows:  QQ will cause the fox to die at the embryonic stage; Qq produces platinum coloured fur, and qq produces silver foxes. Could a fox breeder produce silver foxes without having some foxes that would die?  Prove your answer by showing the full genetic cross (5 steps) and giving a word explanation at the end.

Create a dichotomous key (linear key or spider key) to classify a mushroom (fungi), germanium (flowering plant), and moss (non-vascular plant) based on your knowledge of the differences and similarities between plants and fungi.

Four o'clocks exhibit incomplete dominance. Thus, if a plant with red flowers is crossed with a plant with white flowers, the offspring will all produce pink flowers. What offspring would you expect if you crossed a red-flowered plant with a pink-flowered plant?

A genetics research group has determined the sequence of a rat gene thought to be

involved in controlling the fertilising ability of rat sperm. They believe a similar gene may

control fertility in humans. Describe how what is known about the rat gene can be applied

in PCR to clone the complementary human gene. You should explain the experimental

approach taken and how it could confirm that the human gene in question does indeed

correspond to the rat gene.

Sickle cell anemia (S-anemia) is inherited as autosome incomplete dominant character. Homozygotes for dominant character die before puberty, the heterozygotes have subclinic anemia. The plasmodium can not use the S-hemoglobin and human with S-anemia has no malaria. What is the probability of the birth of children not stable to malaria, in a family, in which both parents are stable to malaria

In chickens, a condition referred to as “creeper” exists whereby the bird has very short legs and wings, and appears to be creeping when it walks. If creepers are bred to normal chickens, one-half of the offspring are normal and one-half are creepers. Creepers never breed true. If bred together, they yield two-thirds creepers and one-third normal. Propose an explanation for the inheritance of this condition.

Three gene pairs located on separate autosomes determine flower color and shape as well as plant height. The first pair exhibits incomplete dominance, where the color can be red, pink, (the heterozygote), or white. The second pair leads to personate (dominant) or peloric (recessive) flower shape, while the third gene pair produces either the dominant tall trait or the recessive dwarf trait. Homozygous plants that are red, personate, and tall are crossed to those that are white, peloric, and dwarf. Determine the F1 genotype(s) and phenotype(s). If the F1 plants are interbred, what proportion of the offspring will exhibit the same phenotype as the F1 plants?

Explain monohybrid and dihybrid crosses including co-dominance, sex linkage and inherited genetic conditions

Males having down syndrome has sex chromosomes;

a. XXY

b. XY

c. XYY