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Discuss the events that led to the development of the Out of Africa Hypothesis

2 mitochondria like ______ shares an essential complex trait of using oxygen and breaking down food molecules

a) bacillus anthracis

b)clostridium botulinum

c)bacillus atrophaeus

d)bacillus atrophaeus and bacillus anthracis

What other different organisms may have similar body structures?

1.   What characteristic is the most recent derived characteristic? Explain your answer.

2.What characteristic is considered as plesiomorphic? Explain your answer.

Fur color in mice is the example of

Cystic fibrosis is caused by autosomal recessive mutation. In European population one out of 10,000 babies is born with this disorder.what is the frequency of cystic fibrosis allele in European population assuming hardy Weinberg conditions are met ?

What are the theories of the beginning of life on earth

Are two species closely related or distantly related if their DNA differs by 2 percent? Explain.

One of the assertions of the theory of evolution is the organisms, tarsiers, gibbons, chimpanzees, and humans evolved from the related ancestor. How will you support or reject the said claim?

Exactly different organisms such as fish and humans may have resembles during early stage of their development and will lose some key likeness as they grow in the later stage of development